Tuesday 24/05/2016

Every 90sec for 5 Rds x8 Bend over rows 5 Rounds 400m Run x8 Strict pull ups x10 Weighted push up Rx. 20/15

Monday 23/05/2016

Emom for 15min M1: x3 Power Clean M2: x3 Push press M3: x3 Pause Front squat *@65-70% of 2rm Clean Tabata 20 sec/On 10 sec/Off 4 Rounds of 4:00min RD1: Burpees RD2: Kb swings 20/15 RD3: Hollow Hold RD4: Rowing *1min rest between…

Saturday 21/05/2016

For max reps 4min AMRAP x10 Box Overs 24"/20" x15 Russian Swings 25/16 kg 3min rest 4min AMRAP x10 Cal row x15 Wall balls 9/6 kg 3min rest With a 6min cap Complete 800m Run + 30 thrusters 30/20 kg *Score will the remaing…

Friday 20/05/2016

Every 3min x2 Clean @75,80,85,90+ Every 2,5min for 10min x3 Front squat @85% of 2rm *Add 5kg to your 2rm For time 100 Dus 20 Burpee pull ups 80 Dus 20 Burpee pull ups 60 Dus 20 Burpee pull ups 40 Dus Burpee pull ups Technique…

Thursday 19/05/2016

Recovery Day Emom for 10min 1. Ball Balance 2. x10 Barbell hip extentions Core Challenge 40sec on each position 5 Rounds 1. Side plank (L) 2. Hollow Hold 3. Side plank (R) 4. Arch Hold 3 Rounds NOT FOR TIME 400m Run x6 (Total)…

Wednesday 18/05/2016

4 Rounds Every 2,5min for 10min x6 Bench press *fixed weight @75% of 2rm 5 Rounds Every 2min for 20min 1. x10 Strict ring dips 2. x6 Push press *fixed weight @80% of 2rm strict press

Tuesday 17/05/2016

5 Rounds Every 2min for 10min x4 Clean @70% of 2rm *2sec pause at the hang position 5 Rounds Every 90sec for 15min 1. x8 Weighted Pull ups 2. x8 Split Squats

Monday 16/05/2016

5 Rounds Every 90sec for 30min 1. x10 Bend over Rows 2. x10 Weighted push ups 3. x10 Cal Row 4. x10 DB Box step ups

Saturday 14/05/2016

For Max reps 3min AMRAP x8 Thrusters x12 Pull ups 2min Rest 3min AMRAP x8 Burpees OTB x12 Front Rack lunges 2min Rest 3min AMRAP x8 Push press x12 T2B 2min Rest In 5min complete AFAP 60 Dus 500m Row 60 Dus *When…

Friday 13/05/2016

Clean Every 3min 1x3@75 1x3@80 1x3@85 1x3@90 4 Rounds Every 2,5min x3 Front Squat *fixed weight @85% For Time -400m Run- 8 Muscle ups 12 Push ups 16 Kb swing 30/20 -400m Run- 6 Muscle ups 10 Push ups 14 Kb swings -400m…