Tuesday 17/05/2016

5 Rounds Every 2min for 10min x4 Clean @70% of 2rm *2sec pause at the hang position 5 Rounds Every 90sec for 15min 1. x8 Weighted Pull ups 2. x8 Split Squats

Monday 16/05/2016

5 Rounds Every 90sec for 30min 1. x10 Bend over Rows 2. x10 Weighted push ups 3. x10 Cal Row 4. x10 DB Box step ups

Saturday 14/05/2016

For Max reps 3min AMRAP x8 Thrusters x12 Pull ups 2min Rest 3min AMRAP x8 Burpees OTB x12 Front Rack lunges 2min Rest 3min AMRAP x8 Push press x12 T2B 2min Rest In 5min complete AFAP 60 Dus 500m Row 60 Dus *When…

Friday 13/05/2016

Clean Every 3min 1x3@75 1x3@80 1x3@85 1x3@90 4 Rounds Every 2,5min x3 Front Squat *fixed weight @85% For Time -400m Run- 8 Muscle ups 12 Push ups 16 Kb swing 30/20 -400m Run- 6 Muscle ups 10 Push ups 14 Kb swings -400m…

Thursday 12/05/2016

Recovery Day   3 Rounds 1min on each station 1. Eliptical 2. Bicycle 3. Row 4. Dus 5. x15 Back Extentions 6. Bosu OH Squats (stick) 7. Wall sit(weighted) 8.Side Plank (R) 9. Side Plank (L) 10. Hollow Hold 11. Ext. Rotations…

Wednesday 11/05/2016

4 Rounds Every 2,5min x6 Back Squat *fixed weight @75% of your 2rm 20min AMRAP 5 Strict HSPUs 8 C2B Pull ups 10 Box Jumps

Tuesday 10/05/2016

4 Rounds Every 2min x2 Hang cleans + ×2 Pulls + x2 Cleans + x2 Front Squat *fixed weight @70% of your 2rm clean 5 Rounds Every 90sec A.x8 DB/KB snatch Ahap B.x10 Ring Dips

Monday 09/05/2016

5 Rounds Every 90 sec A. x10 Front rack lunges @65-70% of 2rm front squat B. x10 Strict pull up 5 Rounds Every 90 sec A. x10 strict press @65% of 2rm B. x10 Strict T2b

Saturday 07/05/2016

ULTIMATE 21-15-9 With a 4min timecap on each round Round 1 21-15-9 Wall balls 10/6 Pull ups Dus Rest 3min Round 2 21-15-9 Hspus Box jump overs Rest 3min Round 3 21-15-9 Cal row Burpees over the erg

Friday 06/05/2016

Recovery Day / Injury Prevention   Skill/10min to work on your Dus tec 4 Rounds Adductor side plank 30sec On 30 sec Off Partner Ham curls 3x8 Ball or Trx Bridges 3x12 *weighted if possible Banded air squats 3x10 T-spine…